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#Glasgow2014 #craftbomb INSTALLED

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Mount Florida is looking vibrant and colourful and it’s all thanks to over 280 children and adults who have contributed to the project over the last 3 months. We have had an amazing and inspiring 2 days installing. Lots of lovely feedback, including a lady from Vanuatu, now living in Glasgow, who found a photo on Facebook and googled Mount Florida to find it before she came to visit it. She managed to meet Sarah who made the work! Here’s the photo

The other unexpected lovely enjoyment about the installation was seeing people linger in Letherby Triangle and use it. Spending some time in there has given us ideas for the future and it was great to see people hanging out there. The sun helped with installation and made it a brilliant couple of days and really enjoyed chatting to people who stopped by to thank us for the project and comment on the work. There are loads of photos on flickr so pop over to our page there to see them.

If you would like to know more about the project, scroll down through the previous blog posts, or visit the project page or down load the press release here SCATTERCRAFT PRESS RELEASE JULY 2014

We hope you enjoy seeing the craftbomb as much as we have had making it!

WELCOME TO MOUNT FLORIDA – a great place to live in Glasgow



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Being doing a little prep for the workshop at Carcap tonight from 6.30 -8.30 pm. Please feel free to join to learn how to make the birds for the craftbomb route. All materials will be provided and there are refreshments too.

Children are welcome along as well. There will be a workshop for them where they can draw animals from the Commonwealth and help turn them into felt creations.

We are in the main hall with the kitchen at the back of the church. Come in through the side door and follow the posters down the stairs……

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knitposter4Scattercraft are working with the fabulous artist Mandy McIntosh, who has been working with one of the parents, to set up workshops in the Cathcart Community Awareness Project (CARCAP) on Cathcart Road.

Workshops start on 29 May at 6.30pm, all welcome and if you have any donations of wool for the project we would love to see you.

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#16Days #VAW #yarnbomb around town

25 November was the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women and the first day of the #16days campaign. I had mentioned before about planning a little yarnbomb and thank you very much to Isobel and @nightknitpixie for the donations of ribbons, both knitted and crochet.

The reason behind the ribbons is that the  Glasgow 16 Days campaign have used the White ribbon for several years now to mark the days. The White Ribbon comes from a international White Ribbon Campaign, which is the largest effort in the world of men working to end violence against women, with campaigns in over 55 countries.

So on Sunday my son helped me find a few locations to place ribbons and cards on a walk through Glasgow. The photos below are mine and his.

1 st ribbon installed

then a certain type of bus stop was chosen

Bus stop

A parking meter

parking meter

next on to the City Chambers

the offices

outside the city chambers

George Square

George Square

The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)

Gallery of Modern Art column

Gallery of Modern Art Column #2

ribbons and lights

On the way home…

last install of the night

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