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Installation Day 1

An amazing day with fabulous feedback and the area looks joyous now for sure!

Thank you everyone involved in the project, National Lottery Funding through the Celebrate It programme and all you fantastic people who helped us today.. More photos over on flickr 

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the milestone is here! installation #craftbomb

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Well that came around quickly!!!

The sun is out in Glasgow, the Games have started in style and with the track and field events beginning at Hampden on Sunday we had better get a move on and install all of this along our route before then.

Follow us on twitter or Facebook to see photos when we get a chance to post them or come and visit the craftbomb once it is installed.

Off to stitch and sew now with lots of lovely people.

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Really lovely afternoon in the Glasgow sun yesterday as part of MY PARK an event for the project associated with Phil Collins’ (the artist not musician) Tomorrow is Always Too Long which will be screened next week.

A little crochet and some hand knitting contributed to the blanket we have started for the project. All topped of with some amazing Guinness ice-cream from Soul Food Sisters cafe in Queen’s Park Arena

Realised when home that there weren’t many photos but Alan Dimmick was there so excited to see his documentation of the event.

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What a lovely and chatty meeting yesterday to have a look at what everyone has been up to in the workshops and it’s exciting to see the project coming together. There were loads of ideas buzzing around to think about how best to install the great work that has been going on.

We have an amazing number of lengths for posts and lampposts of all colours shapes and sizes. There are animals (knitted and sewn) starting to appear. Over a hundred ceramic birds and some great flags, textiles and sculptural pieces are coming on fast. As well as these we are working on creating banner backgrounds for some of the work that the children are up to on a Thursday evening.

It feel really close now and we are starting to work on an installation plan. We dropped by Letherby Triangle yesterday, looking much better now that the Council had cut the grass, and played about with the birds. Luckily enough the man who is going to cut the trees was passing and, because he saw us there, he stopped to chat. We have worked out where he is not going to chop off all those great low hanging branches (perfect for flocks of ceramic birds) and that will be a lovely install with the artist leading on that Elspeth Gardner.

It is a little busy and unfortunately we have cancelled tonight’s workshop at the Library but your weekly knitting fix in Mount Florida will still be there with the workshop at CARCAP on Thursday

PS: I am meeting up with the designer tomorrow who is going to take the children’s designed letters to turn them into a big welcome banner for the Games… looking forward to seeing how that might look !

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